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Scents for your linens and face masks

made from essential oils and minerals.



Treat a friend or front line worker to an uplifting gift
Playfully Crafted Fragrances

Unique and relaxing scent blends for all ages


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About Us

Nose Candee is an uplifting, all-natural fragrance spray created to make wearing a face mask or facial covering in today’s environment a less cumbersome and more enjoyable experience. This natural product is an organic combination of inspiring essential oil blends and minerals. Available in a variety of playful and relaxing scents, Nose Candee offers an innovative upgrade to wearing a face mask in day-to-day life.

Versatile in use, Nose Candee can be applied to both paper and cloth face masks, home linens or clothing, and can also be enjoyed as a mood-boosting body mist.

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