- About Nose Candee -

Chicagoland mom Tina Luppino was looking for an uplifting way to help her sons feel more at ease while wearing face masks in today’s environment. To make the experience less cumbersome and more enjoyable, she channeled her inner apothecary through a lens of wellness and compassion to create Nose Candee – An all-natural fragrance spray and innovative upgrade to wearing a face mask in day-to-day life, at work, or on the frontlines.


Playful, unique, and proprietary scent blends were designed to transport you to a variety of magical places, based on your personal style and preferences. A combination of inspiring essential oil blends and minerals, this paraben-free product is created with natural compounds including medical-grade, Certified USDA Organic, and plant-based ingredients. Thoughtfully crafted scent blends range in variety from Rose Garden and Beach Walk, to Ice Cream Parlor, Minty Fresh, and more. 
Versatile in use, Nose Candee can be applied to both paper and cloth face masks, home linens or clothing, and can also be enjoyed as a mood-boosting body mist. Nose Candee is available nationwide on Amazon in individual bottles or gift sets. Stay connected and follow Nose Candee on Facebook and Instagram. For more information, please visit www.nosecandee.com


Meet my boys, my heart, my crash test dummies.  Everything I do is for these two.

My Commitment to You:

Originally, I developed this product to help my sons feel more comfortable as they adapt to the new priority that we all place on a wearing a face mask in day-to-day life. Let’s face it – wearing a mask every day is not exactly fun, so I wanted to give it an upgrade. Even though I was testing it out on my kids, I quickly realized that people of all ages would embrace it. I found myself more relaxed while walking down the grocery store aisle or pumping my gas. It really took the edge off and made the experience less stagnant. If it could improve our lives, it could improve others – especially the lives of frontline and essential workers who are wearing their masks for 8-12 hours at a time. I’ve made a commitment to sharing this natural and innovative solution with you and with all of them as well. 


My sincere hope is that when you use this, you feel the same sensation that I do – uplifted, relaxed, and happy. Now more than ever, feeling this way is important! Choose a scent blend that will transport you back to a favorite place or memory and have fun with it. I’ve taken careful time and care to ensure that only the best ingredients are incorporated. – Natural compounds that will enhance your mood while having amazing wellness benefits like stress relief, anti-inflammation, and invigoration. I pledge to uphold the highest standards in my product and my practice of compassion for others, so that I can continue to share Nose Candee with you and those serving our community.  


Smell Well,  



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While some Nose Candee products are medical food grade, they are not intended for ingestion.  Only your health care provider or certified aromatherapist should prescribe the proper dosage and use when you work with essential oils.